Butter Farm 72.5%

High-quality butter “Farm” with a fat content of 72.5%. Premium grade, produced in accordance with GOST 33261-2013. The butter is produced according to the classical method of whipping cream.

Our butter does not contain vegetable fats or impurities. There is only natural cream from cow milk. The polypropylene container with a sealed membrane excellently preserves the butter aroma and freshness.

Net weight: 180 g

Shelf life: at t (3±2)°С – 45 days, at t minus (6±3)°С – 75 days, at t minus (16±2)°С – 120 days.

Packaging: a container with a foil-coated membrane

Box: 12 pcs./56 pcs. (per 2.16 kg/10.08 kg)


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